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Thea Thalassa
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The Restaurant

Thea Thalassa Restaurant, on the rock of Afytos, represents fully the Greek tradition: simple Greek recipes, pure and fresh ingredients that we procure daily from our own garden and from our land, good traditional food combined with the best Greek wines and spirits, sea, summer and relaxed mood!

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The Team

A team that stays together for over 20 years! What binds us is our love for good food and of course our place, Afitos! We are constantly evolving our passion through specialized seminars and a non-stop searching for new recipes, Greek wines and of course the right food pairings.

The majority of the team still stays united in the new restaurant, with passion and appetite for a new beginnings! We are waiting for you to enjoy together the most Greek flavors and moments with a view at the Sea!

Our Services

20 Years of History

We started the first restaurant in Afitos 20 years ago and this year we came to a new place and we aim to become even better, to improve and to offer the best possible to our customers.

Cocktail & Food Pairings

At Thea Thalassa we combine some signature dishes with cocktails, evolving the logic of wine pairing in all 4 cocktails we have. The inclusion of cocktails in our menu has been done to enable the customer who wants to enjoy his food with something even cooler. Cocktail pairing is a European trend of recent years that we have adopted!

Wine & Food Pairings

Chef enables wine & food pairings based on food or wine respectively. The purpose is that the dishes will combine with the wine or the opposite to offer a nice balance of taste. Ask us to suggest you our signature dishes combined with the the best wines.


We have been producing our own spirits for 2 generations. Now, the whole team helps in the production process, and it has become a very favorite habit of ours. On the last day of the cauldron, we always have a big party with friends and the team, gathering almost 150 people and we are here to celebrate together, the end of the season.

Food Philosophy

Thea Thalassa Restaurant specializes in Mediterranean cuisine. Our persistence is to highlight through our dishes the natural taste of our ingredients and to provide our customers with dishes that will be enjoyed.

Our recipes gives the authentic taste of natural ingredients, avoiding the use of preservatives or flavor additives.

We also provide our own smokehouse, where we cook all the salted, smoked products like the lakerda which is made of tuna.

We create our own handmade black garlic. Then we process them and use them with Halkidiki honey, creating a flavored honey with black garlic, which participates in the cod sauce along with tarama.

We also create our own jams, such as the olive jam that is served with the geremezi.

The View

Fresh Fish Of The Day

Our fish are always fresh from local fishermen in the area. Ask our staff about the fish of the day.

Wine Varieties

Thea Thalassa Restaurant provides a wine menu mapped according to the Greek vineyard offering around 120 Greek labels. From each area, a typical variety selection has been made based on the restaurant dishes and the taste of the wine. Thus, each of you can make a delicious trip all over Greece, from Northern Greece to Crete, to the Aegean islands and the Ionian islands through wine. Among our collection you will find more specialized wines, natural wines without sulfites as well as Orange wines.

Google Reviews

Dimitris Kinosidis
Πολύ καλή εξυπηρέτηση, τέλειο φαγητό θα το ξανά προτιμήσουμε σίγουρα .
Maria Daskal
Εξυπηρέτηση, καταπληκτική, φαγητό εξαίσιο η θέα απίστευτη! Όλα τα θαλασσινά φρεσκοτατα με υπέροχες γεύσεις. Το προφιτερολ στο τέλος όλα τα λεφτά!
Tasos Chrisovitsanos
It's the first time that I'm sharing my comments before I leave the place that served me. It's an amazing place in Afytos with very welcomed and happy staff. The service is excellent. Althought the all above written you have to try the very special menu with elegant and not simple tastes. If you like "gourmet" cusine and not just comfortable food you have to try at least once. Be sure that you will visit the place again.
Zacharenia Zampouni
Εξαιρετικό περιβάλλον, σε ένα πλήρως ανανεωμένο χώρο με υπέροχο εστιατόρικο μενού κάτι που σίγουρα έλειπε από την Αθυτο και την Χαλκιδική.
alka vrcic
Great, excellent food the best EVER , and drinks and sweets , unbeliviable, and I have been all over the world. exellent exellent place. You have to visit!
Todor Lozanov
Best fish restaurant in Halkidiki
Ένα μοναδικό από όλες τις απόψεις εστιατόριο θαλασσινών. Το Θέα Θάλασσα στη νέα του τοποθεσια με μια απίστευτη Θέα Θάλασσα από τον βράχο της Αφυτου το μπαλκόνι της Κασσάνδρας με ονειρικό περιβάλλον σε μαγεύει από την πρώτη στιγμή. Το μενού του μαγαζιού επιμελείται ένας πολύ καλος Σεφ ο Κύριος Βασίλης Παπαγγελος που πραγματικά τα φαγητά του είναι (έργα τεχνης) και αγγίζουν την τελειότητα την 5 γεύση ουμαμι . Όσο για κρασί μιλήστε με το πολύ εξυπηρετικό και ευγενικό προσωπικό για να σας προτείνει από την πλούσια γκάμα του μαγαζιού. Είναι πραγματικά Τέλειο !!! Συγχαρητήρια σε όλη την ομάδα του μαγαζιού 👏👏👏 τα καλύτερα έπονται !!!


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An all day spot in Afitos – Chalkidiki and perfect meeting place for all ages, NOTOS All Day Cafe Bar is an ideal place to enjoy and try our favourite wines and cocktails!


Address: Afytos – Chalkidiki

Phone number: +30 2374 091044



​ Monday – Sunday

12:00 – 00:00


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